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Student email marketing

There are many channels available to target the student demographic throughout the academic year but there is one in particular that stands out for us - email marketing. As we use official channels, average open rates are 30% with a CTR of 3% making this a cost effective solution for many brands.

According to UCAS’s recent tech lifestyle report, 95% of 1st year students use their smartphones to read emails meaning this channel is a perfect way to engage with students whilst they are on the move.

Why Solus Emails?

Solus emails are perfect for many campaign types - from a simple brand awareness campaign to a direct sign up or driving traffic to a specific offer. This quick, direct and efficient opportunity will allow brands to connect with their target audience in a timely manner, delivering engagement and ultimately results. With growing uncertainty around the latest Omicron variant, this channel also offers a safe solution if a brand has concerns around ‘in person’ activity in the immediate future.

Let’s talk numbers

With access to over 500,000 certified, verified and fully GDPR compliant student emails, we can help plan and book a campaign that targets the heart of the student community. To go even further, we can also segment the data by:

  • Year of study

  • University

  • Subject of study or preference

  • University cities and regions

  • Country of residence at the time of application

  • Sex

  • Age

Plan in advance

We would strongly recommend that you plan your campaign months in advance where possible. Solus emails are often in high demand and with limited availability in some cases, it’s better to plan in advance but more importantly, ahead of your competitors. Planning in advance allows us the time to create a more targeted approach along with working on messaging and tone of the content.

Get involved

So if you are looking for a direct, targeted marketing channel that can deliver results quickly, solus emails should be a consideration for any campaign. Interested to find out more? Get in touch with the team today -


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