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The 'C' Bomb

2020 was a year to forget for many brands. Out of nowhere, we were all standing washing our hands singing happy birthday wondering what was going to happen. Within weeks we started to understand the severity of the pandemic but one thing that remained uncertain, was our future. How would we live or how would we shop?

For many brands, the ability to be agile and adaptable allowed them to navigate through a landscape not known to any one of us. Forward thinkers and a fluid strategy kept many brands in business and their learnings will now shape their future forever.

Fast forward one year and we come together with hope and belief that normality is on the horizon. With test events just weeks away and festivals selling out in a matter of minutes, we all sit with anticipation that life will return to normality.

The student market has been no different. From cancelled freshers fairs and welcome weeks to online lectures, brands wanting to create an experience and association with students had to think again. With limited opportunities available, itinerary became a premium to brands and the need for on campus activity was greater than ever.

As we look ahead to September and over 600,000 ‘freshers’ heading to university for the first time, brands can start to feel encouraged that events will be back on. Pencil Media have been in talks with multiple unions all of which are hopeful for a freshers fair. This not only allows brands to target students in a more creative and personable way but also lets students have the opportunity to engage with a brand - in most cases for the first time.

Freshers fairs are the pinnacle event of the student calendar and it not only allows students to come together for the first time, but allows them to make choices of their own and pick brands that suit them. Whether sustainability is key to a purchasing decision or price, brands battle it out to create an experience and lasting impression hoping that today’s student will be tomorrow's customer.

Outside of welcome weeks and freshers fairs, brands have multiple opportunities to target the student demographic through sampling, out of home, digital and more. Pencil Media pride ourselves on helping brands navigate through the student market and help them plan and execute a successful campaign utilising our knowledge and expertise. We cannot wait to see all the brands living and breathing ‘freshers’ this September and welcome the opportunity to speak to any brand looking to target such a lucrative demographic.


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