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Why brands should target students through product sampling

In today’s competitive market, there are many ways that brands can target consumers but how do you improve brand perception, drive trial and increase sales all at the same time? Sampling campaigns are a perfect opportunity to combine these elements and allow students to try before they buy.

Product sampling allows the consumer to make an informed decision whether they want to try the brand or not. The customer journey is simplified compared to traditional advertising channels and it can help activate emotion through smell, taste and feel. This emotional connection with a brand can also lead to customer loyalty.

When a consumer tries your product for the first time, it also removes any fear or anxiety of them buying the product in the first instance making the sample feel like a gift. These connections are why over 70% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a full sized product after trial.

It doesn’t stop there

So you’ve sampled your product, now what? Thankfully around 60% of consumers are likely to tell friends and family about the new products they’ve tried. Students also spend over 5 hours a day online so there is a huge opportunity for them to share their experience across social media amplifying the campaign even further.

Where possible, brands should incentivise students with a money off voucher / exclusive student discount to give them another reason to purchase a full sized product. This will also help drive sales and increase repeat purchase.

Where to target

There are many sampling channels to target students across the academic year including:

  • Freshers fairs / welcome weeks

  • Student accommodation including fridge drops and kitchen takeovers

  • Student shopping events

  • On campus year round activity

  • Varsity and summer balls

Each opportunity presents itself with its own unique offering and we can help plan, build and execute a campaign that is relevant to you. As we are not a media owner, we can provide you with impartial advice on each opportunity and use our experiences to help guide you through the challenges brands face in today's market.

Shop ‘till you drop

According to the latest research from UCAS, students typically spend around £240 per week. This includes spending around £46 a week on groceries and around £26 a week on alcohol so this is a demographic that should not to be ignored. Students will have financial independence for the first time and with three loan drops across the year, it offers huge potential to brands.

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